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MassDOT Aeronautics LogoPursuant to M.G.L. chapter 30A, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Aeronautics Division, will hold a public hearing relative to proposed amendments to the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation 702 CMR 1.00-7.00. The hearing date follows:

Wednesday, April 20, 9:30-11:30AM, Board Room, 10 Park Plaza, Room 3830, Boston

The proposed amendments are as follows:

702 CMR 1.00 – A new regulation that sets forth the form of hearings held by the MassDOT Aeronautics Division.

702 CMR 2.00 – Provides definitions for 702 CMR that are not otherwise provided by statute and explains the process for obtaining waivers from strict compliance with 702 CMR from the MassDOT Aeronautics Division.

702 CMR 3.00 – Updated to eliminate redundancies, simplify the registration processes for regulated entities and avoid inconsistencies with federal law.

702 CMR 4.00 – Eliminates the detailed and overlapping flight regulations and replaces them with a simpler and clearer regulation that requires persons operating aircraft in the Commonwealth to comply with all federal laws, regulations, orders and directives. This also prevents conflicts between Federal and State aviation law and eliminate confusion for aircraft owners as to which standards to follow.

702 CMR 5.00 – Updated to remain consistent with current state law and best practices in other jurisdictions.

702 CMR 6.00 – Updated to remain consistent with other 702 CMR changes.

702 CMR 7.00 – This section is being reserved.

Interested parties will be given an opportunity to present comments orally or in writing at the Hearing. They may also provide written comments, in advance of the Hearing, by mail or email or during the comment period after the Hearing. Emailed comments may be made to: The comment period will close at on Friday, April 22, 2016 at 5:00pm.

A copy of the relevant pages in the current regulations showing the proposed changes can be viewed on the MassDOT website or by mailing a request to: MassDOT Legal Department, Regulations, Suite 3510, 10 Park Plaza, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02116, or by calling 857-368-8760. Written comments may be mailed to the same address and will be considered if received prior to the comment close date.

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