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Aeronautics, Turner Falls Airport Runway 2013MassDOT today released its Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study update which details how Massachusetts’ 39 public-use airports generate economic activity and support more than 199,000 jobs with an approximately $7.2 billion payroll.

“We are pleased to release the latest update to our Statewide Economic Impact Study which highlights how airports throughout Massachusetts are continuing to support jobs and economic opportunity,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack. “This study underscores the importance of investments in airport infrastructure because our airports are vital to the state’s economy, creating jobs, moving people and goods and in many cases, serving as important community gathering areas in less populated areas of the Commonwealth.”

Since the most recent 2014 Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study update, there has been an increase of approximately 37,000 jobs, $1.1 billion in payroll, and $8.1 billion in economic output. The Massachusetts Statewide Economic Impact Study summarizes the benefits that aviation brings to the Commonwealth and documents some of the many other benefits that air travel bring to its host communities.

“The Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study shows how public-use airports promote economic growth in cities and towns across Massachusetts while ensuring that people have more options for reaching the places they need to go,” said MassDOT Aeronautics Administrator Jeffrey DeCarlo. “Aviation is continuing to be a strong economic catalyst and MassDOT is proud to continue supporting public-use airports.”

The Statewide Economic Impact Study update presents findings for each individual airport and the Commonwealth as a whole. For example, Boston Logan International Airport, which is operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), was found to employ over 162,000 people with a payroll of nearly $6 billion, and provide over $16.3 billion in economic output. Hanscom, the busiest general aviation airport in New England, is also the second busiest overall with more than 100,000 operations annually. Massport has invested over $100 million to Worcester Regional since it took ownership in 2010. As of August 2019, the airport will provide commercial flights to 5 destinations.

“This important study by MassDOT highlights that it is our strong, diverse regional economy that generates the activity and jobs tied to airport activity,” said Massport Acting CEO John Pranckevicius. “The study also validates the investments we have made at Logan, Worcester, and Hanscom. Logan’s economic output increased by over 20% based on demand for international and domestic travel while Worcester airport’s economic impact doubled based on the new commercial air service and investments by Massport and private operators such as Ross Rectrix.”

The economic impact analysis considered the annual impacts associated with on-airport, aviation-related businesses and government organizations, capital improvement projects, military aviation, the spending of visitors who arrive via scheduled commercial service airlines, and the spending of visitors who arrive on privately-owned general aviation aircraft. The data collection process, economic modeling, and state of the economy for this study update are all specifically related to 2017.

Since January 2015, under the Baker-Polito Administration, MassDOT’s Aeronautics Division has invested over $44 million in airport capital improvements.  That investment has leveraged over $116 million in federal funding and nearly $10 million in funding from local airports.

The MassDOT Aeronautics Division advances the operation and development of these airports through grant funding, airport inspections, technical guidance, statewide planning initiatives, aviation education outreach and communication with local, state and federal officials.

The full study can be found online.


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