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mbta-logoAccording to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), a Boston area commuter who switches his or her daily commute from car to public transportation saves an average of $1,065 per month or $12,655 annually.  The savings are calculated as part of APTA’s monthly December 2016 Transit Savings Report.

The report says the savings for Boston area commuters is third highest among the top 20 cities with the highest public transit ridership, trailing only New York and San Francisco.

These savings are based on the cost of commuting by public transportation compared to the cost of owning and driving a vehicle and parking in a downtown business district. These costs include the Dec. 21, 2016, national average gas price ($2.25  per gallon, as reported by AAA) and the local monthly unreserved parking rate. The cost of driving is calculated using the 2016 AAA average cost of driving formula based on variable and fixed costs.  The variable costs include the cost of gas, maintenance and tires.  The fixed costs include insurance, license registration, depreciation and finance charges.

The transit savings are based on the average cost of purchase of a monthly public transit pass.

APTA releases this monthly Transit Savings Report to examine how an individual in a two-person household can save money by taking public transportation and living with one less car.

Check an online calculator to learn more about individual savings.

Check the MBTA Fares & Passes page for more information about riding the T.



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