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Worcester Kelley Square Groundbreaking October 31, 2019Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack, Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver and municipal, business and community leaders today participated in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Kelley Square Improvement Project, a $14 million project which will improve safety, traffic flow and accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation customers and drivers at the junction of Madison Street, Vernon Street, Millbury Street, Water Street, Harding Street and Green Street in Worcester.

“The investments in Kelley Square will improve travel for both drivers and pedestrians, enhancing access and safety for all in this area,” said Governor Charlie Baker.  “Our administration plans to invest over $7 billion to improve the condition of the Commonwealth’s roads and bridges over the next five years to address important infrastructure projects like Kelley Square.”

“The Baker-Polito Administration is investing record amounts in capital improvement projects state-wide, accelerating work and modernizing the Commonwealth’s transportation network,” said Lt. Governor Polito.  “We are appreciative of all the stakeholder engagement we have received on the Kelley Square project, and are pleased to celebrate this milestone on this innovative and complex project today.”

“The Kelley Square Improvement Project showcases the priority of the Baker-Polito Administration when undertaking transportation improvement projects – making accommodations for everyone,” said Secretary Pollack.  “The Commonwealth is leading the nation in designing and building core infrastructure which considers the safety and operational challenges facing pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit users and motorists.”

Administrator Gulliver added, “This project builds new connections for everyone, transforming a crossroads where there have been a high number of crashes into a safer, more efficient and more organized location.  The new innovative design will provide benefits for all modes of travel and will support the local businesses and residents who call Kelley Square home.”

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), in coordination with the City of Worcester and the Federal Highway Administration, has closely worked with the public on the design for Kelley Square, a project which also includes a section of Madison Street from Kelley Square to the railroad overpass. The project area is one of the highest crash locations in Massachusetts. The area does not currently accommodate bicyclists safely and sidewalks are not accessible to people with disabilities. The redesign will also include intersection modifications at the I-290 eastbound and westbound ramps with Vernon Street.

Kelley Square Improvement Project

  • The purpose of the $14 million project is to improve safety and traffic operations at the Kelley Square intersections (the junction of Madison Street, Vernon Street, Millbury Street, Water Street, Harding Street, and Green Street), and roadway improvements on the section of Madison Street from Kelley Square to the railroad overpass just west of Gold Street.
  • MassDOT completed a Road Safety Audit (RSA) for the location with state and city officials, regional and local representatives, business owners and other advocates.
  • The design team developed approximately 20 alternatives, with variations of roundabout concepts and signalized concepts and then the project team identified a preferred alternative with input from the public, stakeholders and City of Worcester officials.
  • The selected alternative is a Hybrid roundabout design that delineates traffic lanes with fewer conflict points.

Substantial progress has been made in the Commonwealth in the last four years, with billions of dollars in investments beginning to remedy decades of underinvestment in roads, bridges, transit and other transportation infrastructure.  This past July, the Baker-Polito Administration filed an $18 billion Transportation Bond Bill, entitled “An Act Authorizing and Accelerating Transportation Investment,” which will provide both resources and tools that will enable MassDOT and the MBTA to repair and modernize the state’s transportation system faster, improving its reliability, sustainability and resiliency.  The Transportation Bond Bill is currently pending action by the Massachusetts Legislature.

For information on the Administration’s bond bill, please visit:

For information on the Kelley Square Improvement Project, please visit:


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