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Detour Routes as of July 5

Detour Routes as of July 7

MassDOT is pleased to announce that the Washington Street bridge replacement project in Hudson is moving forward.

The bridge will be closing on Friday, July 7 and reopening approximately three months later in October.  The Washington Street Bridge carries Route 85 over the Assabet River in Hudson, and construction activities will occur in a way that ensures businesses nearby will remain open and accessible to the public.

“We have appreciated the input and support from the public and civic leaders and the construction operations this summer will allow us to complete the majority of the work needed to replace this important bridge,” said Acting Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver. “We have developed a detailed detour route that will allow travelers to get to their destinations and reach area businesses throughout the entire construction period in order to reduce the impact on the local community and the traveling public.”

“MassDOT is committed to reopening the bridge within the approximate three month contractual timeframe,” said Acting District Highway Director Barry Lorion. “During construction, we are taking every step possible to minimize inconvenience to drivers who are traveling along the detour route and working to ensure that businesses remain open and accessible.”

Construction operations on the $4.5 million Washington Street Bridge Project began in Fall 2016 and are expected to be completed by Fall 2018. The full scope of work consists of removing the existing stone arch bridge and replacing it with a new single span concrete bridge, installing ornamental light posts, and making infrastructure improvements to the approach roadways.

During the bridge closure, from July 5 and into October, all vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be detoured.  The public is reminded that Main Street, (Route 62), in Hudson, can be reached by the following detour routes for vehicles, trucks, and pedestrians listed below:

Vehicular Detour Routes

  • Northbound traffic on Route 85 (Washington Street) will be directed to follow the signage in place in order to take Broad Street from the roundabout in order to access to Route 62 (Main Street).
  • Southbound traffic on Route 85 (Washington Street) will be directed to turn onto Broad Street from South Street in order to access Route 85 southbound heading towards Marlborough.
  • An alternative detour route for those traveling on Route 85 northbound or southbound is to utilize School Street and South Street to the Houghton Street Bridge.  These roadways will serve as an alternate route for those traveling to and from Route 62 (Main Street).

Pedestrian Detour Route

  • Pedestrians will be directed to cross the Assabet River by utilizing the Houghton Street Bridge.  Those heading southbound on Route 85 (Washington Street) will be directed turn onto South Street in order to reach Houghton Street to School Street.  Those traveling northbound on Route 85 (Washington Street) will be directed to turn onto School Street in order to access Houghton Street back to South Street.

Northbound Truck Detour Route

  • All trucks traveling northbound on Route 85 will be detoured at the roundabout to Broad Street and then instructed to travel right onto Vila Do Porto Boulevard heading east. Trucks will then be directed to turn left onto Route 62 westbound- Main Street.

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