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Lowell Bridges Concord River June 21 2011 The I-495 Lowell Bridge Bundle project replacing six bridges is moving into its final stages, funded by the Patrick-Murray Administration's historic Accelerated Bridge Program to repair or replace structurally deficient bridges throughout the Commonwealth.

As part of the final stage, on or about Monday, July 11, the temporary traffic signals at the intersection of the Exit 37 southbound off-ramp and Woburn Street will be shut down and removed.  This section of the intersection will return to pre-bridge reconstruction conditions: a stop sign at the bottom of the southbound off-ramp and Woburn Street free-flowing in both directions.  The traffic signals were a temporary feature of the I-495 Lowell Bridge Bundle project, installed to manage the increased traffic volumes on the ramps caused by construction detours.  Their removal has been part of the project’s traffic management plan from the beginning of the project.

The shutdown of the temporary signals begins the final stage of bridge construction.  The entire Lowell Bridge Bundle project is scheduled to be completed by mid-August, 2011. 

Motorists are reminded that there is still no acceleration lane at the end of the southbound entrance ramp from Woburn Street and that the ramp is a yield condition.  This means that drivers entering along this ramp must yield to on-coming traffic even if it means coming to a complete stop to wait for a safe gap in mainline traffic.  

More information is available by visiting MassDOT's I-495 Lowell Bridge Bundle website

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