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summer-heat-vehicle-safetyNow that summer is in full effect it is imperative to stay alert to the rising heat and the threat it can pose to you and your loved ones.

July 31st is National Heatstroke Prevention Day, and according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) it is more important than ever to remind drivers to “Look Before you Lock”. This awareness raising campaign targets parents, caregivers, schools and organizations to advocate for safe, simple techniques to ensure no child succumbs to heatstroke in a parked vehicle. Both MassDOT and MAPFRE Insurance care about the safety of Massachusetts residents and motorists, and we’d like to offer a few ways that you can take part in heatstroke prevention.

The “Auto Alliance” (Auto Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers) advises that you can circumvent dangerous climate accidents and deaths by remembering to ACT: Avoid, Create Reminders, and Take Action. Heatstroke-related injuries can be avoided by never leaving your child alone in the car, even for a short amount of time. Create reminders for yourself by placing a purse or briefcase in the backseat with your child– that way you will have to check before exiting your vehicle. If you see a child in a car alone, do not hesitate to take action and contact your local police or emergency personnel; one phone call could save a life.

According to NHTSA, already 18 children have died from heatstroke in 2018. Since 1998, the total number of child fatalities due to heatstroke has reached 760.  These statistics further emphasize the need for heatstroke safety measures. Too often, motorists believe that if they’re quick enough, they are can leave their child in the car alone. Children are particularly at risk because their bodies can overheat three to five times faster than adults. Every second a child is left in a hot car, the greater the risk of heatstroke. MassDOT and MAPFRE Insurance offer these important reminders in an effort to help families prevent tragic accidents. Together, we can put an end to heatstroke accidents and protect the next generation.

Even the safest of drivers need a little extra help sometimes, which is why the MassDOT Highway Assistance Program sponsored by MAPFRE Insurance is here to assist with fixing minor mechanical problems, flat tires, fuel shortages and emergency situations. The Highway Assist Patrol drivers monitor some of the state’s busiest highways and turnpikes around Metro Boston, Worcester, Springfield & Cape Cod (seasonal) Monday through Friday during the peak hours of 6:00AM- 10:00AM and 3:00PM-7:00PM. MAPFRE proudly supports the program and wishes that all Bay State residents and visitors enjoy a safe summer.

Written By Patrick McDonald, CPCU, CEO, Northeast Region, MAPFRE Insurance

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