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traffic-incident-response-generic-visual-2018MassDOT joins the Federal Highway Administration and DOTs across the country to heighten awareness of traffic incident management programs the week of November 11-17, 2018.

Every minute of every day emergency responders across the country work tirelessly to help save lives at the scene of traffic incidents.

Every year hundreds of emergency responders representing highway, fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing and transportation agencies are struck and either injured or killed while responding to roadway incidents.

Secondary incidents involving first responders result in additional congestion, and significantly impact individuals, communities, and the economy.  We read about the tragedies caused by distracted driving almost every day and the emergency response community has the most to lose.

MassDOT reminds all drivers to be aware of the dangers emergency responders face at traffic incidents, and to remember: Traffic Incident Response is Everybody’s Responsibility!  It is important that drivers understand they are also at risk or injury or death in and around these scenes.

The response of a driver is just as important as the response of the person towing a vehicle, rescuing the trapped, healing the injured and investigating the incident.

Drivers should slow down and move over when approaching and passing an incident scene to provide a protective buffer for you, for responders, and the motorists behind you.

“The first responder community in Massachusetts demonstrates time and time again exceptional readiness and willingness to stand in harm’s way to ensure public safety.  We owe them great respect and gratitude for the work they perform with our Highway Division Districts in meeting the National Unified Goal for safe quick clearance.  I hope Massachusetts drivers join me in supporting their efforts the week of November 11, 2018 and every other week of the year,”  said Jonathan Gulliver, MassDOT Highway Administrator.

MassDOT has been working with multiple first responders for the past 5 years to train highway, firefighting, emergency medical services (EMS), law enforcement, towing and recovery, and safety service patrol personnel on how to work together in providing emergency temporary traffic control at incident scenes, clearing incidents quickly, and keeping motorists and responders safe in emergency roadway conditions. To date, almost 5,000 Massachusetts first responders have participated in the training program.

Learn more about Massachusetts traffic incident response or contact the MassDOT Traffic incident Management Program at 617-946-3046.

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