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ezdrivemaMassDOT reminds members of the public without E-ZPass transponders who have been billed for travel on I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) through the Pay By Plate system that they have until May 8, 2017, to take advantage of MassDOT’s E-ZPass “grace period.” The ‘grace period’ was instituted as a result of public comment during the AET Public Process and was originally an idea of the MassDOT Board of Directors.

The grace period allows a customer to pay their Pay By Plate toll(s) at the lower E-ZPassMA rate and receive a credit that is equivalent to the difference in the rates between the E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate tolling rates. Customers can do this by signing up for E-ZPassMA after paying their bill in full. The grace period has helped ensure customers without an E-ZPassMA account could still pay the lowest All Electronic Tolling rate and encouraged increased E-ZPassMA usage across the state.

Over 16,000 Pay By Plate bills have already been converted to E-ZPassMA through the grace period program since October 28, 2016 and MassDOT is exceeding its goal of 85% E-ZPass usage.  To date, approximately 86% of transactions have been processed using E-ZPass. The grace period program helped MassDOT achieve this goal, as well as a robust public outreach and marketing plan that was implemented in the months leading up to All Electronic Tolling “go-live.”

MassDOT encourages all Pay By Plate customers who wish to take advantage of the grace period program to do so before May 8.  Customers can convert their Pay By Plate bill online at in order to receive a credit for the difference between the tolling rates, a credit provided after a customer pays his or her Pay By Plate invoices in full.  Customers can also take advantage of the program by calling the EZDriveMA hotline at (877) 627-7745 or by visiting one of the Customer Service Centers.

After May 8, the ‘grace period’ will continue to be available for new customers to the program.  This is meant to make the grace period program available to Massachusetts’s large student population, people who have just moved to the state or drivers who have not traveled on I-90 since the beginning of All Electronic Tolling. More information on the pricing structure can be found using MassDOT’s toll calculator.

The full description of the grace period is as follows:

  • If any driver without a transponder passes underneath an All Electronic Tolling gantry, the vehicle owner will receive a Pay By Plate invoice in the mail.
  • The vehicle owner must pay the Pay By Plate invoice.  Then the vehicle owner can choose to obtain a free transponder and receive a credit for the difference between the Pay By Plate rate and the E-ZPassMA rate. After paying their Pay By Plate invoice in full, customers will be credited the difference on their new E-ZPassMA account.
  • Customers will be able to take advantage of this program online, or by calling or visiting a customer service center.
  • After receiving that Pay By Plate invoice, if a customer logs on to MassDOT’s new website (, the customer may convert their Pay by Plate account to an E-ZPass MA account by using the “convert” feature. This feature requires customers to pay their invoice in full and open a transponder account.
  • Before May 8, 2017, this grace period is offered for all invoices received by new and existing Pay By Plate customers.
  • After May 8, 2017, the grace period discount will only be available to new customers to the EZDriveMA program.

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