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A Real-Time Data symposium not only recognized MassDOT for excellence in innovation but also brought together in one place nine leaders representing decades of transportation governance.

MassDOT’s Highway Division partnered with the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) for the day-long gathering in April titled “Real-Time Data: The User Experience.”The event coincided with the launch of the “Go Time” Route 6 Cape Cod Real Time Traffic Management System. ITS America honored MassDOT for its unique approach to traveler information.

Attendees included public and private sector representatives from the Commonwealth and other New England states, including FHWA Acting Administrator George Nadeau.  Presentations and panel discussions provided information on initiatives enhancing the transportation experience through real-time data analytics, including the GO Time system,evolution of open data in the changing world and the future of public-private partnerships and sharing of big data.

A special highlight of the session featured the reunion of nine former Massachusetts Secretaries of Transportation with current Secretary Richard Davey. Former Secretary Fred Salvucci facilitated the event and said, “What I enjoyed most was learning that I agree with Jim Kerasiotes on the gas tax being a better bet than a VMT tax, disagreeing with Jim Aloisi on low hanging fruit, agreeing with Kevin Sullivan on the urgent need to have the state take back the MBTA debt, and disagreeing with Bernard Cohen on viewing Administration and Finance as our friend.”

People in attendance reported how truly remarkable it was to have these guests with us and to hear each of them sharing perspectives and stories unique to their tenure.  MassDOT honors the Secretaries, left to right:

Secretaries of Transportation, April 2014

Fred Salvucci, Secretary of Transportation, 1975-1978 and 1983-1990

Jeffrey Mullan, Secretary of Transportation, 2009-2011

Richard Taylor, Secretary of Transportation, 1991-1992

James Aloisi, Secretary of Transportation, 2009

James Kerasiotes, Secretary of Transportation, 1992-1997

Bernard Cohen, Secretary of Transportation, 2007-2008

Patrick Moynihan, Secretary of Transportation, 1998-1999

James Scanlan, Secretary of Transportation, 2002-2003

Kevin Sullivan, Secretary of Transportation, 1999-2002

Richard A. Davey, Secretary of Transportation, 2011 – Present

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