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Orange-line-heroes MassDOT Secretary and CEO Jeff Mullan and MassDOT Board Chair John Jenkins today during the MassDOT MBTA Board meeting honored two MBTA employees as lifesavers following an incident Friday night on the Orange Line at North Station.

Orange Line operator Charice Lewis, holding the plaque at right, and MBTA inspector Jacqueline Osorio, left, took action after a woman fell from the edge of the platform on to the rails below. 

Inspector Osorio along with frantic onlookers who included Cindy White on the platform called for Lewis to stop the train. 

Lewis immediately followed procedure and applied the emergency brake, coming to a stop just in time- with the train literally hovering over the person on the track below.   Lewis and Osorio received a well-deserved standing ovation at today's board meeting.  Dramatic evidence of the close call can be seen after the break.

MBTA Orange Line Fall

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