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A year that began in near tragedy for the Bossart family turned to celebration this week, with MBTA employees and the MBTA Transit Police Academy honored to have played a role in a story with a very happy ending.

In late January, 24-year old Kevin Bossart was riding the Red Line to work when he collapsed due to cardiac arrest and fell down a stairway at Wollaston Station. MBTA Customer Service Agent Karen Kane saw Bossart fall and immediately called for MBTA Training School CPR Instructor Tomas Gonzales, who happened to be at the station that day to assist with cold weather issues. Gonzales administered CPR until Quincy Fire transported Kevin to the hospital. Doctors say the quality of Gonzales’ CPR saved Bossart’s life, and his family thanked T employees Karen and Tomas personally for their heroic actions.

MBTA Kevin Bossart pinning Jeffrey BossartOn the very day of Kevin’s incident, his older brother Jeffrey had begun orientation for training at the MBTA Transit Police Academy to become a Quincy Police Officer. Fast forward more than six months to this week, on Wednesday, August 6. Jeffrey Bossart had completed his training and during Police Academy graduation ceremonies at Faneuil Hall was sworn in and will join the Quincy Police Department. And who did the honors of pinning the badge on Jeffrey?  His brother Kevin, fully recovered and proud to participate in his brother’s big day. The T thanks Jeffrey and Kevin’s mother, Trish Bossart, for capturing the pinning of the badge,  left, and once again expresses appreciation for employees Karen Kane and Tomas Gonzales, whose quick response in February made this joyful moment between brothers possible.


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