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rmv-lawrence-new-center-april-6-2017The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Registry of Motor Vehicles today officially opened the newly redesigned and fully accessible RMV Service Center in Lawrence.

The new Lawrence Service Center is larger than the former location with a total of 13,338 square feet.  The new customer service improvements include: the availability of 12 upgraded workstations for conducting multiple transaction types; three offices that will be used to conduct hearing; a dedicated area for permit testing that includes with new equipment, including multiple language options; and a new training facility for continuous staff improvement and skill development has also been added.

“For over a year, the Registry has made solid gains in reducing wait times and improving the overall customer service experience,” said MassDOT Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack. “We will continue to make progress at all Registry locations, expand alternative channels for customers to conduct Registry business, and regularly update our website with user-friendly and easy navigation features.”

“We thank the Lawrence-area community for their patience while we worked to bring them a far more efficient and productive service experience,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin Deveney. “This transformation is something they deserve.  It’s an example of Registry operations being more service-delivery focused, resulting in a better experience for all of our customers.”

“And with April school vacation fast approaching, Lawrence can better facilitate our annual rush of young people visiting service centers to take the Learner’s Permit Test.  We also remind all our customers that they may be eligible to complete their transaction online or at a local AAA branch.  If they do have to come in person, checklists for our most common transactions, including the Learner’s Permit Test, are available online to help customers arrive prepared with all required documents,” added Registrar Deveney.

Customers will experience a transformed atmosphere when visiting the Lawrence Service Center.  The design is more accommodating and new operational and interior features include:

  • Expanded customer seating area with a larger lobby and free Wi-Fi
  • More efficient layout for customer intake and improved signage
  • Upgraded transaction counters
  • Dedicated self-service area
  • Upgraded physical security
  • Private tax collector for municipal excise taxes
  • Accessible restrooms with environmentally friendly green design, and dedicated employee restrooms
  • All LED lighting and new windows to provide natural light
  • Upgraded HVAC system

The RMV is making strides to build an industry-leading, customer-centered environment for individual and commercial customers, as well as for business and government partners.  In addition to the Lawrence relocation, the RMV recently opened new offices in Springfield and New Bedford.  In addition, the Brockton Service Center is currently being remodeled while remaining open.  All these new service center sites will ensure adequate access, parking, and customer intake capability with an overall improved design to support customer needs

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