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Today, MassDOT met again with its partners from the Massachusetts State Police, the City, officials from surrounding communities, Massport and other agencies to review the first evening commute of the Callahan Tunnel closure.
The team has identified a traffic pattern change to help reduce congestion entering I-90 Eastbound in the area of the South Boston Bypass Road and D Street in South Boston. Troopers will have the ability to restrict vehicles already on the Pike Eastbound (in the area of Exit 25) to the left lane only in order to allow traffic from this area to enter into a dedicated right lane in the I-90 Eastbound Connector Tunnel. This will help decrease delays and back-ups associated with merging traffic. This move will only be made as needed during peak periods of congestion. Troopers will be able to quickly set-up and remove the lane restriction using cones and signage.
Additionally, MassDOT is reminding drivers of two downtown area HOV access points for I-90 eastbound that are part of the detour alternatives. During the closure of the Callahan Tunnel the 2+ occupancy restrictions have been lifted, opening these ‘Express Detour’ ramps to all traffic:
  • The first ramp can be accessed at the intersection of Kneeland Street and Lincoln Street, HERE.
Directions:  From Kneeland Street either direction, turn onto southbound Lincoln Street, pass through the intersection of Lincoln Street and South Station Connector Road; continue straight, merging into the left lane to access the ramp for the Express Detour lane to I-90 eastbound.
  • The second ramp can be accessed at the intersection of Kneeland Street and Surface Road, HERE.
Directions:  Drive south on Surface Road.  Surface Road becomes Albany Street.  Stay left for the ramp for Albany Street and I-93 South/Quincy.  Pass the onramp for I-93 South and take the next left on to Traveler Street.  Take a left at the intersection of Traveler Street and Frontage Road northbound to access the ramp to the Express Detour lane for I-90 eastbound. 
*Drivers can also turn left on South Station Connector Road and right at the intersection with Lincoln Street to access the above ramp. 
  • The Express Detour lane ramp can also be accessed from Harrison Avenue, by heading east on Traveler Street, toward South Boston. Continue straight at the intersection of Traveler Street and Albany Street, and turn left at the intersection of Traveler Street and Frontage Road.
Beginning next week Monday for a week-long trial period, the Southeast Expressway Southbound ‘Zipper’ Lane will open to traffic beginning at 1pm, the 2+ restriction remains in effect.
As identified yesterday, we are in the process of installing approximately 25 additional signs to make the detour route as clear as possible and to decrease driver hesitation with the goal of improving safety and traffic flow.
We continue to encourage the public to become familiar with the detour routes, the HOV lanes that now are open to all traffic, and to use public transportation when possible. Information on the project, detours and other trip planning tools may be found on our website:

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