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Haiti BrownBag Lunch 1 4FEB10 jpg MassDOT employees have formed a group "MassDOT Friends of Haiti" exploring ways to help in the wake of the devastating January 12 earthquake. 

Today many concerned MassDOT employees during a brown bag lunch heard first hand accounts of the aftermath from Boston University professors and students who are experts in urban planning. 

Those who witnessed the devastation emphasized the need to take immediate steps to get goods and people moving again in Haiti and listed four urgent needs:  debris removal, waste recycling, heavy tents and other transition housing, and infrastructure inspection.

MassDOT Secretary & CEO Jeff Mullan thanked the employees and BU representatives for creating awareness of the magnitude of the quake's impact as a guide to next steps.

Visit Governor Patrick's Help for Haiti webpage and learn more about opportunities to help. 

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