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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Being “Green” Isn’t Black and White Posted on Jul 21

  More and more consumers are trying to be environmentally conscious, and companies are following the trend by marketing the “green” nature of their products. But figuring out how green a product is can be tricky. There are few definitions regarding what makes something “green.”   …Continue Reading Being “Green” Isn’t Black and White

Low-Cost Insurance May Not Be Legitimate Posted on Jul 10

  In economic conditions like we’re seeing now, some unscrupulous people take advantage of a family’s need to save money. They offer “deals” that appear to be a money-saving solution.  A very low rate might seem like a bargain, but there may be no benefits   …Continue Reading Low-Cost Insurance May Not Be Legitimate

An Eye on Overcharging Posted on Jul 10

  We’ve all been to a store and experienced the following: The price rung up at the register was more than what we saw on the shelf. Sometimes we might ask the cashier about it, sometimes we might think we just goofed up and keep   …Continue Reading An Eye on Overcharging