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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween Safety Tips Posted on Oct 31

Halloween Safety Tips

Whether you are a child or an adult Halloween is a night of tricks, treats, and lots of fun. Unfortunately it’s also a night were people often forget to exercise caution. We at the Consumer Affairs Officewould like to provide everyone with a few tips   …Continue Reading Halloween Safety Tips

Columbus Day… Sales! Posted on Oct 8

Columbus Day… Sales!

Today marks 520 years since Christopher Columbus landed on the eastern seaboard and discovered what has today become known as North America. His journey to the new world has been celebrated ever since he touched the shores south of Florida in 1492, yet this day   …Continue Reading Columbus Day… Sales!

College and Impending Financial Reality Posted on Oct 2

Posted by: Ian Mabie At times, I seem to forget that adult life is not so far away anymore. I’ve now just begun my fourth year out of five at Northeastern University, a year that at most other institutions would be my last year at university.   …Continue Reading College and Impending Financial Reality