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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Shopping 101: Beware Charity Scams Posted on Dec 17

Shopping 101: Beware Charity Scams

    The holiday season brings out the spirit of giving, and we applaud any and all philanthropic efforts.  Unfortunately there are some people who will try to take advantage of this generosity, and we want to make sure your contribution goes where you intend   …Continue Reading Shopping 101: Beware Charity Scams

Shopping 101: Lost or Stolen Packages Posted on Dec 13

Shopping 101: Lost or Stolen Packages

With holiday shopping in full swing, millions of consumers are expected to ship gifts to their family and friends.  However, sending the packages to the right address does not guarantee that they will be received by the intended recipient.  Package thefts rise during the holiday   …Continue Reading Shopping 101: Lost or Stolen Packages

Shopping 101: Return Policies Posted on Dec 6

Shopping 101: Return Policies

Despite your best intentions, some gifts you buy this holiday season may need to be returned or exchanged.  Before you head to check-out, make sure you carefully read each store’s return policy. Massachusetts law requires merchants to disclose their refund, return, and cancellation policies before   …Continue Reading Shopping 101: Return Policies

Shopping 101: Bait & Switch Posted on Dec 4

Shopping 101: Bait & Switch

Most consumers have heard of the term “bait and switch” but may not be aware when it happens to them.  A sales representative may try to convince you to buy a different item than the one you came for, which may simply seem like a   …Continue Reading Shopping 101: Bait & Switch