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Monthly Archives: June 2018

The Results Are In: Spring 2018 Lemon Law Audit Posted on Jun 29

  The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation has compiled the findings for the spring 2018 Lemon Law sticker audit of auto dealerships. Massachusetts law mandates that Lemon Law stickers be displayed on every vehicle for sale at every dealership in the state. Throughout   …Continue Reading The Results Are In: Spring 2018 Lemon Law Audit

Small Business Scams Posted on Jun 26

Small Business Scams

While owning and operating a small business can be challenging, the number and variety of options available to businesses to help them succeed are extensive. But, even the savviest of entrepreneurs need to be cautious and conduct their due diligence before engaging the services of   …Continue Reading Small Business Scams

Hawkers & Peddlers Posted on Jun 26

Hawkers & Peddlers

At parades, festivals, or other outdoor events, outdoor salespeople, known as “hawkers” or “peddlers,” are a common fixture selling anything from noise makers and holiday-themed hats to food and ice cream cones. These mobile vendors may move from town to town or from place to   …Continue Reading Hawkers & Peddlers

Is Solar the Solution for You? Posted on Jun 22

Is Solar the Solution for You?

Solar photovoltaics, more commonly referred to as solar panels, are being installed on roofs across the country. By using sunlight to create energy, they offer a sustainable alternative to electricity. Residents cite electricity cost savings, increased energy independence, and environmental benefits as reasons why they   …Continue Reading Is Solar the Solution for You?

Summer Safety Tips Posted on Jun 18

Summer Safety Tips

As summer approaches, expect to see more people out and about using various methods of transportation.  Residents might opt to bike or walk to work and families will be packing up the car and hitting the roads for vacations. Whether you are travelling by car,   …Continue Reading Summer Safety Tips

Please read the following notice carefully as our addresses are changing! Posted on Jun 14

The HIC Registrations and Renewals office will be moving to 1000 Washington St., Suite 710 on Friday, June 29. Walk-in registration/renewal will still take place at One Ashburton Place, Suite 1301 through June 28. Forms and applications should be mailed to the old address until   …Continue Reading Please read the following notice carefully as our addresses are changing!

Returning a rental car Posted on Jun 12

Returning a rental car

Renting a car is common for business travelers and families on vacation. You can be in a car minutes after your flight has landed and when it’s time to return home, you just drop the car off and take a convenient shuttle to your terminal.   …Continue Reading Returning a rental car

Free Freezes & Fraud Alerts Posted on Jun 8

Free Freezes & Fraud Alerts

Credit freezes and fraud alerts are often used by consumers to help prevent identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account information, to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity theft can take many   …Continue Reading Free Freezes & Fraud Alerts

Flood Insurance Posted on Jun 5

Flood Insurance

The back-to-back March Nor’easter’s left many homeowners struggling with damaged homes due to downed tree limbs and strong winds. Significant flooding made matters much worse for many living near the coast. Flooding is a very common and costly weather related natural disaster and 13 million   …Continue Reading Flood Insurance

Protecting your pets Posted on Jun 1

Protecting your pets

For many consumers, a pet is a beloved member of the family so many consumers opt to purchase pet insurance in case a pet is sick or gets hurt. Many carriers offer plans with varying levels of coverage. To help consumers determine the right plan   …Continue Reading Protecting your pets