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With the fall upon us and temperatures dropping, you may be deciding to purchase wood to heat up your home this season. The Division of Standards (DOS) regulates the sale of wood and there are some things you should know.

Whether you’re buying cordwood or firewood, it’s best to avoid companies or individuals using terms of measurement like “truckload,” “pile,” or “face cord.” These terms are not legally defined.

After your wood is delivered, confirm that it’s properly stacked and measured. To determine the exact quantity of the wood after stacking, multiply the length times the width times the height of the stack to get the cubic foot content of the delivery.

In Massachusetts firewood sellers must provide a delivery ticket including the amount of wood delivered in cubic feet, name and address of both the buyer and seller, date of the delivery, and total price.

If you believe that you received an incorrect amount of wood than what your delivery ticket shows, take pictures and contact the DOS at 617-727-3480. The DOS offers an overview firewood sales including information on delivery and proper stacking. Stay warm!

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