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Summer is here and Massachusetts is starting to heat up. Taking simple safety precautions is more important than ever. Educate yourself on precautions you can take to have a stress-free and enjoyable summer.

  1. Going Abroad?
    1.  Get your vaccines or boosters. Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for vaccines, packing tips, and health notices before jetting out of the country.
    2.  Familiarize yourself with your destination country’s U.S. embassy’s contact information in case of emergency.
    3. Ensure all refrigerators and freezers are locked so your food doesn’t melt or spoil. Disconnect all other cables.
    4. Secure private and personal documents to lessen the chance of theft and identity theft.
    5. Notify your financial institution of your travel plans. Financial institutions may flag purchases in locations you don’t frequent as fraud.
    6. If you have children who are travelling alone, book the flight and pick their seat ahead of time. Also allow additional time at the airport to ensure children are safe and on the correct flight. Consumer Reports offers tips for kids flying alone.
  2. Going to the Beach?
    1. Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays.
    2. Be aware of your surroundings at public beaches and pools. Always know your children’s and pets whereabouts at all times.
    3. Learn basic CPR skills and ensure that any pool you go to has compliant drain covers.
    4. Install pool barriers and covers at your home pool to lessen the chance of children accidentally falling in. (Pool Safely)
    5. Keep personal items near you at public beaches and pools.
  3. Going Shopping?
    1. Review our extensive Massachusetts-specific guide to shopping smartly and knowing your rights. Summer sales and the tax-free holiday are tempting.

The Baker-Polito Administration’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation along with its five agencies work together to achieve two goals: to protect and empower consumers through advocacy and education, and to ensure a fair playing field for Massachusetts businesses. The Office also oversees the state’s vehicular and customized wheelchair Lemon Laws and Arbitration Programs, Data Breach reporting, Home Improvement Contractor Programs and the MA Do Not Call Registry. If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation by calling our Consumer Hotline at (617) 973-8787, or toll-free in MA at (888) 283-3757, Monday through Friday, from 9 am-4:30 pm. Follow the Office on Facebook and Twitter, @Mass_Consumer.

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