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With the warm weather here, many consumers are looking to book summer vacations now to save money on expensive flights and destinations. The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation recently conducted a survey of four popular travel booking websites.

Consumer Affairs researchers surveyed– Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz – and searched for flights and hotel stays in Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, and New York City. Researchers looked at round-trip flights departing Boston Logan Airport on August 2, 2015, and returning on August 9, 2015, searching for the least expensive option.

Of the 16 flights surveyed, 13 were the exact same price . Three cheaper flights were actually found on the airline’s official website. The price differences were small, ranging between $12 and $22.

We did find that consumers can save big when booking package deals through the travel booking sites, versus booking flights and hotels separately. For example, the flight and hotel package deal to New York City cost only $1,561.88 on Travelocity, compared to $2,567.23 when booking separately through the companies’ website. The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation advises consumers to consider the following when booking airfare and hotels online:

• Package deals typically offer the lowest price. However, consumers should be thorough when researching the terms and conditions of the package deals on the travel booking websites, and at each airline and hotel website before purchasing. Check both the travel booking sites as well as separate airline and hotel sites. Sometimes the prices on the airlines or hotels website were cheaper than the same airlines or hotels booked separately through the travel booking websites. Don’t forget to check the airlines’ or hotels’ websites for special deals—you might find a better price when booking them separately. We found that the cheapest flight available when booked separately on a travel booking website was often close to the price of the cheapest flight found on the airlines’ website.

• Check other comparison sites. There are many ways to double-check the prices listed for airfare, hotel stays, or package deals. and are price comparison sites, but make sure to note that you cannot book through that site.

• Use a credit card. It is always safer to complete online transactions using a credit card because credit cards have more consumer protections than debit cards do. You may also be able to earn rewards points or mileage towards another trip.

• Pay attention to policies for low-cost airlines. On Expedia and Travelocity, consumers can cancel traditional airline bookings through their websites , but consumers with tickets on low-cost carriers must contact the airline directly. For Expedia and Travelocity, low-cost carriers consist of Volaris, Interjet, AirAsia, and Spirit Airlines.

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