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What’s your financial compatibility? Posted on Feb 27

What’s your financial compatibility?

A 2017 report conducted by investing app Acorns found that 68% of the 3,010 respondents said they’d rather tell their partner their weight than the amount of money in their savings account. But when talking about finances, it’s important to have regular talks about money,   …Continue Reading What’s your financial compatibility?

UltraFICO: The Ultimate in Credit Scores? Posted on Nov 15

UltraFICO: The Ultimate in Credit Scores?

     Your credit score has long been determined by a standard measurement known as FICO. Your score is determined using the information in your credit report, such as your payment history and how much debt you owe, and creditors and lenders, along with insurance   …Continue Reading UltraFICO: The Ultimate in Credit Scores?