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National Data Privacy Day! Posted on Jan 28

National Data Privacy Day!

January 28th is national data privacy day, an important day to serve as a reminder to consumers to take steps to protect their data privacy online. Cybersecurity awareness is important because being vigilant can keep you and your information safe. Today, take some time to   …Continue Reading National Data Privacy Day!

Energy Bill Scams Posted on Dec 19

Energy Bill Scams

        As temperatures drop, thermostats begin to rise and many consumers begin to see their heating bills increase. It should come as no surprise then that scammers capitalize on the changing seasons by offering lower energy bills or preying on fears about   …Continue Reading Energy Bill Scams

Sanctuary Scam? Posted on Nov 28

Sanctuary Scam?

  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced the temporary shutdown of the largest overseas real estate investment scam it has ever targeted. According to the FTC, the alleged scammers mislead investors into buying lots at a development called Sanctuary Belize. The scammers promised several   …Continue Reading Sanctuary Scam?