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Monthly Archives: December 2009

FIELD REPORT: Outdoor women on the hunt Posted on Dec 8

FIELD REPORT: Outdoor women on the hunt

Ellie Horwitz Chief of Information & Education, MassWildlife View Ellie's Bio Ellie reported from the MassWildlife-sponsored Becoming an Outdoors Woman deer hunting seminar held on Sunday, December 6, 2009 in Danvers. Click here for more information about the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program. At 5   …Continue Reading FIELD REPORT: Outdoor women on the hunt

Beetle hunters Posted on Dec 4

Beetle hunters

Anna Waclawiczek Chief of Staff, Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) View Anna's Bio I just got an e-postcard from Dr. Jennifer Forman-Orth, our state plant pest survey coordinator (or beetle hunter if you will). Jennifer's avid quest for invasive species makes me wish I had   …Continue Reading Beetle hunters

Deer data Posted on Dec 3

Deer data

Marion Larson Outreach Coordinator, MassWildlife View Marion's Bio During this first week of shotgun hunting season for deer, MassWildlife biologists and technicians and Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Mary Griffin are peering into jaws, measuring antlers, and checking weights of deer checked in by hunters. This   …Continue Reading Deer data

Chaos in the parks Posted on Dec 2

Chaos in the parks

Wendy Fox Press Secretary, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) View Wendy’s Bio Boston resident Joe Antonino and his dog Chaos visited all 76 parks in the DCR’s Park Passport program over the summer, a feat worth sharing. Joe and Chaos – a half boxer,   …Continue Reading Chaos in the parks