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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Wait, herring run? I thought fish swam… Posted on May 6

Wait, herring run? I thought fish swam...

Sara Grady South Shore Coordinator, Massachusetts Bays Program (MassBays) View Sara's Bio In the spring, anadromous fish (those that live in the ocean as adults but return to freshwater to spawn) swim in large numbers up coastal rivers and streams, called fish runs. Their goal   …Continue Reading Wait, herring run? I thought fish swam…

Calling all outdoors women Posted on May 5

Calling all outdoors women

Mary Griffin Commissioner, Department of Fish and Game (DFG) View Commissioner Griffin's Bio Plans for Becoming an Outdoorswoman (BOW) weekend are in full swing! Happening June 1-3, this is a great opportunity to have a fantastic weekend learning new outdoors skills and spend some quality   …Continue Reading Calling all outdoors women

Video of the Week Posted on May 4

Video of the Week

Madeleine BarrMultimedia intern, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)View Madeleine's Bio In the spirit of spring our Video of the Week this week features Governor Patrick’s visit to an elementary school where he encourages the children to Plant Something!  As he fills small   …Continue Reading Video of the Week

Monster carp breaks state record! Posted on May 2

Monster carp breaks state record!

Marion Larson Outreach Coordinator, MassWildlife View Marion's Bio “Someone in fisheries please come to the front office to weigh a fish.”  This kind of announcement over the PA system at the MassWildlife Field Headquarters isn’t unusual.  I didn’t pay much attention until one of our   …Continue Reading Monster carp breaks state record!