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IMG_2825Health and Human Services Secretary Polanowicz tours the Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital Maternity Suite to promote infant safe sleep practices to reduce risks associated with Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), the leading cause of death among infants between the ages of one to 11 months and often associated with unsafe sleep practices.

Secretary Polanowicz  joined CEO Patrick Wardell, Donna Fox, Mary Cassesso, COO Renee Kessler, and ACNO Mary Samost, RN for the fifth floor tour led by Kate Harney, MD, Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Women’s Health, Natalya Carney, Nurse Manager and Greg Hagan, MD, Chief of Pediatrics.

IMG_2852Carol Hulka, MD, Chief of Radiology and Doris Gentley, Senior Director of Radiology and Imaging share a a sneak preview of the new Interventional Radiology Suite. The new services will be offered through the Suite including uterine fibroid embolization, interventional oncology, portal hypertension treatment, vascular procedures, kyphoplasty and many more.  The IR abilities allows the hospital to treat patients with cutting edge methods which are minimally invasive and is a dramatic upgrade to the radiology services they were able to offer to patients before.

Cambridge Health Alliance is a longtime partner with MassHealth and participates in many health reform initiatives that drive the delivery of better coordinated, more integrated, and highly efficient health care services. Cambridge Health Alliance is a first-year participant of  Primary Care Payment Reform Initiatives, and plans to expand to 12 sites for Year 2.

During  FY12 – FY14, CHA participated in the Delivery System Transformation Initiatives (DSTI) and earned approximately $132 million through incentive-based payments.

MassHealth recently negotiated and finalized its 1115 waiver agreement with CMS which has a significant impact on CHA. From FY15 – FY17, CHA will have the opportunity to earn $147 million through the DSTI program, providing a 10% increase over their previous total. The proposed DSTI projects will focus on integrating care for older adults, improving complex care management for high-risk patients, and enhancing care transitions.

CHA will also have its own unique incentive-based funding pool dedicated to improving behavioral health care and overall system transformation, which will allow the hospital system to earn up to $924 million (in addition to the $147 million) over the course of three years.

Infant Safe Sleep Best PracticesABCs-of-safe-sleep

To ensure safe infant sleep, babies should always be put to sleep on their backs, alone in their own crib or bassinet, with no bumpers, pillows, quilts, comforters or other soft surfaces in the crib. Parents and caregivers should not bed-share with their babies and anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol or if they are smoking, should not rest with a baby.

Infant Safe Sleep Task Force

IMG_2847Last month, HHS launched an Infant Safe Sleep Awareness campaign, chaired by Assistant Secretary Kathy Betts, to educate the public about the importance of infant safe sleep practices and to help families, caregivers and all who interact with infants to create a safe sleeping environment.

The campaign included the creation of a new website at with resources for families, providers and health care professionals, the distribution of a copy of the book “Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug” to the parent of every baby born in Massachusetts during the month of October, an advertising campaign on MBTA cars and busses, and educational posters and magnets shared at Department of Children and Families and Department of Transitional Assistance offices, domestic violence shelters, Licensed Childcare Centers, and Department of Housing and Community Development office locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Throughout the month of October, the Task Force on Infant Safe Sleep:

  • Distributed 11,000 copies of the book “Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug” in both English and Spanish directly to 46 maternity hospital, and through Reach Out and Read to pediatrician offices and health centers
  • Advertised on  87 billboards receiving nearly 55,000 billboard views, and 300 MBTA Car Cards on Red Line, Orange Line and Buses
  • Placed 425 large posters and 875 small posters at 300 locations including Department of Children and Families Offices, Department of Transitional Assistance Offices, domestic violence shelters, Licensed Childcare Centers and Department of Housing and Community Development office locations throughout the Commonwealth.

For more information on Infant Safe Sleep visit:

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Communications Director, Executive Office of Health and Human Services

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