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Yearly Archives: 2007

Child Support After Parent’s Death Posted on Nov 14

In  L.W.K. v. E.R.C., 432 Mass. 438 (2000), the Supreme Judicial Court held that a child support obligation survives death. In part, the majority held: “A legally enforceable obligation to pay child support, like other financial obligations of the testator, takes precedence over testamentary dispositions and   …Continue Reading Child Support After Parent’s Death

Pit Bull Won’t Justify No-Knock Warrant Posted on Oct 18

In Commonwealth v. Santiago, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled yesterday that the mere presence of a pit bull is insufficient to justify a no-knock entry. The court said, in part, “While we agree with the Commonwealth that a pit bull (or a mutt) may, under   …Continue Reading Pit Bull Won’t Justify No-Knock Warrant

Corporate Manslaughter Charge in Big Dig Posted on Aug 9

Attorney General Martha Coakley announced yesterday that a Suffolk Grand Jury issued an indictment for involuntary manslaughter to Powers Fasteners, Inc. , the epoxy supplier, for their role in the Big Dig ceiling collapse last summer. According to Coakley, the company knew that the epoxy   …Continue Reading Corporate Manslaughter Charge in Big Dig

§ Posted on Jun 20

How do you get that section symbol into a document? Well, you can hunt it down under the Insert drop down menu, and select Symbols, then look for it in that maze of symbols, OR… hold the Alt key and type 0167. (It’s like magic.)   …Continue Reading §

Whistleblowing for taxes Posted on May 16

Now that the high season for taxes is over, this bit of code caught our attention. In December, a new federal tax whistleblower statute took effect. The federal statute, title 26 section 7623 is brief, and interesting. It will award payments of between 15 and   …Continue Reading Whistleblowing for taxes

Eviction upheld for criminal activity Posted on May 4

The Supreme Judicial Court yesterday released a decision which allowed the Lowell Housing Authority to evict a tenant for criminal activity that did not occur on the premises. In LHA v. Melendez, the court held that the statute allows for eviction for criminal activity that   …Continue Reading Eviction upheld for criminal activity

No Right of Access to Show-Cause Hearings Posted on Mar 29

The SJC issued an opinion in Eagle-Tribune Publishing Company v. Clerk Magistrate of the Lawrence Division of the District Court Department  yesterday. In this case, the court held that a show-cause hearing need not be open to the public. The proceeding is held primarily for the benefit   …Continue Reading No Right of Access to Show-Cause Hearings

Child Brides Posted on Jan 8

In Massachusetts, under MGL c.207, s. 25, a person under eighteen cannot marry without parental consent . Massachusetts does not have a law specifying the minimum age at which a person can marry with a parent’s consent. The process requires court approval, so whether or   …Continue Reading Child Brides

Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Advances Posted on Jan 5

This week, the Massachusetts legislature voted 62-134 to put the proposed constitutional amendment to limit marriage on the November 2008 ballot. The measure needed only 50 votes to pass. It will need to pass again in next year’s legislative session to be placed on the   …Continue Reading Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Advances