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Monthly Archives: July 2008

1913 Law Repealed Posted on Jul 31

Within the past hour, Gov. Patrick signed S.800 repealing the 1913 law (MGL c.207, s.11-12) that barred couples from marrying in Massachusetts if that marriage was prohibited in their home state. The law had stopped same-sex couples from nearly all other states from marrying here.   …Continue Reading 1913 Law Repealed

SJC Adopts “Loss of Chance” Doctrine Posted on Jul 23

In two cases decided today, Matsuyama v. Birnbaum and Renzi v. Paredes, the Supreme Judicial Court announced that patients can recover for a reduction in the chance of survival due to medical malpractice. “Where a physician’s negligence reduces or eliminates the patient’s prospects for achieving   …Continue Reading SJC Adopts “Loss of Chance” Doctrine

No Pre-Marriage Benefits for Same-Sex Couples Posted on Jul 11

In Charron v. Amaral, the Supreme Judicial Court yesterday denied a pre-marriage right of consortium to a same-sex couple who would have been married had the law allowed it, and did marry when permitted to do so. This is in keeping with Massachusetts caselaw that   …Continue Reading No Pre-Marriage Benefits for Same-Sex Couples