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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Salem Witch Trials Posted on Oct 30

Salem Witch Trials

Original Court Records of the Salem Witch Trials are available online from a number of sources. “Salem Witch Trials: The Documentary Archive and Transcription Project,” provides access to 17th century Court Records and other primary source material, as well as transcriptions, historical maps, archival collections   …Continue Reading Salem Witch Trials

93A Demand letter sent by mail sufficient notice… Posted on Oct 28

The Appellate Division of District Court, reviewing a case in Salem District Court has ruled that the law does not require certified mail for a demand letter in a consumer protection claim.  (Leck v. Pope’s Landing Marine, Inc., et al.) Citing chapter 93A section 9,   …Continue Reading 93A Demand letter sent by mail sufficient notice…

Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th edition Posted on Oct 27

The three-inch thick 10th edition of Black’s has added 7500 new entries, among them legaldygook  and the “affluenza defense.” Most new entries, however, are for mainstream words like reason and requisition which were never previously included. Dates in the definitions indicate the first known use of the word in English   …Continue Reading Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th edition

The importance of the civil action cover sheet Posted on Oct 21

A recent superior court decision has underlined the importance of a full and accurate reporting of the injuries on the Civil Action Cover Sheet.  The form requires a listing of expenses as well as a description of the injury, including the nature and extent. In Stankiewicz   …Continue Reading The importance of the civil action cover sheet

Blue no more! Posted on Oct 20

Blue laws have been a part of our history since Colonial times and were enforced in Massachusetts until the 1990’s when alcohol sales were allowed on Sundays. First it was the border towns that were allowed to open, then in 2003 Governor Romney approved a   …Continue Reading Blue no more!

New Report on Legislative Research Posted on Oct 17

The Congressional Research Service recently issued a new report ( R43434) on how to find legislative materials.   “It is intended to serve as a finding aid to sources of information… used in legislative research.”  Although it is compiled for use by congressional office staff, it contains   …Continue Reading New Report on Legislative Research

Massachusetts Insurance Law Posted on Oct 11

A notable new arrival at the Lawrence Law Library is the newest addition to Massachusetts Practice: Massachusetts Insurance Law.  Covering Massachusetts motor vehicle, property, life, health, and  business insurance as well as consumer protection claims, claims against insurance agents, and claims brought by an insurer   …Continue Reading Massachusetts Insurance Law

Election Law Posted on Oct 8

November 4th will be Election Day. To vote in this year’s election you must register by October 15th. Residents of Massachusetts can vote by absentee ballot if they: will not be in town on Election Day have a physical disability cannot go to the polls due to religious beliefs deployed military   …Continue Reading Election Law

What’s Wrong with this Picture Posted on Oct 4

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone and shared on social media. When this photo is of their marked election ballot it is illegal. According to Brian McNiff, spokesman for Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin,  Chapter 56,   …Continue Reading What’s Wrong with this Picture