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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Who Determines Drought Conditions Posted on May 28

Due to the ongoing dry conditions throughout the Northeast, the government’s National Drought Monitor recently identified that a portion of eight states, including Massachusetts were identified as moderate drought areas. The forecast of high temperatures and a possibility of some rain for the upcoming week may not   …Continue Reading Who Determines Drought Conditions

“Mode of Operation” Approach in Premises Liablity Posted on May 26

A recent ruling by the Appeals Court clarified the so-called “mode of operation” approach to premises liability.   Under the approach, a plaintiff injured as the result of a dangerous condition on an owner’s property is relieved of the need to prove that the owner had   …Continue Reading “Mode of Operation” Approach in Premises Liablity

Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works Posted on May 12

Want to better understand how bail works in our criminal justice system in Massachusetts? The Massachusetts Court System’s Self-Help Center has created a new webpage explaining the procedure for bail, the terms related to bail, the determining factors in setting or refusing bail, and bail   …Continue Reading Bail Basics: What Bail Is, How It Works

Thinking about retiring? Posted on May 11

Golden beaches, warm breezes, and the sounds of waves; these are some of the dreams of retirement. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for endless days of playing golf, traveling the globe, or spending more time with the grandchildren, the question of finance always   …Continue Reading Thinking about retiring?

Magna Carta’s 800th Year Anniversary Posted on May 5

Magna Carta’s 800th Year Anniversary

Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under Law is the theme that was chosen by the American Bar Association for 2015 Law Day, celebrated every year on May 1. ABA’s Division for Public Education has created a website called “Magna Carta: Icon of Liberty” to tell the   …Continue Reading Magna Carta’s 800th Year Anniversary