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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Welcome to Massachusetts! Posted on Aug 31

As new college students arrive in Massachusetts, we thought we’d point out a few resources on Massachusetts landlord-tenant law that may prove helpful. The Attorney General’s Guide to Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Rights is a handy 13-page pamphlet on Massachusetts law and additional sources of information. Tenant Rights   …Continue Reading Welcome to Massachusetts!

Student Learning Time Posted on Aug 28

Hard to believe, but back-to-school time is nearly upon us. In Massachusetts, 603 CMR 27 covers student learning time, and this is where we get the 180-day requirement for schools. In particular,  603 CMR 27.03 details School Year Requirements: 27.03: School Year Requirements (1) Prior   …Continue Reading Student Learning Time

Credit Union Branching Regulations Posted on Aug 27

As we told you back in March in Credit Unions Branching Out, Massachusetts has a new law  (MGL c.171, s.8, as added by St.2014, c.466) governing Credit Unions opening branches. This month, the Division of Banks issued the applicable regulations at 209 CMR 58. According   …Continue Reading Credit Union Branching Regulations

Transgender People and Amended Birth Certificates Posted on Aug 26

Massachusetts law was amended effective August 1, 2015, so that a person can request an amended birth certificate after “completion of medical intervention for the purpose of permanent sex reassignment.” Previously, the law had required the completion of “sex reassignment surgery.”  The new law is St.   …Continue Reading Transgender People and Amended Birth Certificates

Constitutionality of Massachusetts Law on Sex Trafficking Posted on Aug 21

The Supreme Judicial Court has rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of the Massachusetts law G. L. c. 265, § 50 (a) that targets sex trafficking.  An Act relative to the commercial exploitation of people,  which criminalized sexual servitude, forced labor, and organ trafficking was approved in 2011.     …Continue Reading Constitutionality of Massachusetts Law on Sex Trafficking

Mass. Consumer Resource Center Online Posted on Aug 20

” The Massachusetts Bar Association’s Consumer Advocacy Task Force has launched a Consumer Law Resource Center on, homepage of the MBA’s Lawyer Referral Service, providing a ‘clearinghouse’ of useful links, quick-tip videos and answers to some of the most frequently asked consumer protection questions.” Topics   …Continue Reading Mass. Consumer Resource Center Online

Teaching Legal Research Posted on Aug 18

The American Association of Law Libraries’ Task Force on Legal Skills and Knowledge for Practice has released three reports about how legal research is conducted in the practice of law, based on surveys of more than 600 attorneys and 150 law librarians from all over the   …Continue Reading Teaching Legal Research

Obtaining Tax Exempt Status for a Massachusetts Nonprofit Corporation Posted on Aug 17

The Digital Media Law Project has an excellent guide to “Forming a Nonprofit Corporation in Massachusetts” . The guide includes six steps, including instructions on how to apply for federal and state tax exempt status, and a link to an “Introduction to the 501(c)(3) Application   …Continue Reading Obtaining Tax Exempt Status for a Massachusetts Nonprofit Corporation

Body cameras and law enforcement Posted on Aug 14

“Cameras in the Street: Focus on Justice” is an article by Kenneth Strutin in, Sabrini Pacifici’s online journal on web research targeted to the legal community. The article collects noteworthy news, litigation, and legal analyses concerning civilians and journalists photo-documenting the activities of law enforcement   …Continue Reading Body cameras and law enforcement

“Continuing Treatment Doctrine” in Medical Malpractice Posted on Aug 13

On August 7, 2015, in Parr v. Rosenthal, the Appeals Court ruled that the “continuing treatment doctrine is applicable in Massachusetts,” tolling the statute of limitations in certain circumstances. The court stated, “in the medical malpractice context there is a compelling reason to continue to protect the   …Continue Reading “Continuing Treatment Doctrine” in Medical Malpractice