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Visualizing the Law – Creating Online Tools to See Context Posted on Dec 8

Visualizing the Law – Creating Online Tools to See Context

Reading law, in a print environment, allows the reader to see context. Bibliographies, research guides, tables of contents, indices, and digests add meaning to place the statute, case or treatise in context. Some of the meaning gets lost when we access the law in an   …Continue Reading Visualizing the Law – Creating Online Tools to See Context

Tribal Law Within Massachusetts Posted on Dec 4

The Law Library of Congress has recently created the Indigenous Law Portal. This portal provides convenient access to current sources of law directly from indigenous communities themselves and historical sources of tribal law from the collections of the Library of Congress. “Mapping American Indian Constitutions   …Continue Reading Tribal Law Within Massachusetts

A Rare Book: The Case of Tilton v. Beecher Posted on Dec 2

A Rare Book:  The Case of Tilton v. Beecher

  In addition to the most up-to-date law books, serials, and online legal resources, the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries maintain collections of rare and historical books on legal topics.   These rare book collections are distributed among the various law libraries in the statewide system.   …Continue Reading A Rare Book: The Case of Tilton v. Beecher

Free Consumer Information Posted on Dec 1

Free Consumer Information

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation publishes a variety of free pamphlets on subjects of interest to consumers. “Tenant Rights and Responsibilities” and “Landlord Rights and Responsibilities” are among the most popular. Text only versions of the tenant and landlord pamphlets are   …Continue Reading Free Consumer Information

Black Friday Shopping Tips: Gift Cards and More Posted on Nov 27

If you are one of the thousands of people who plan to do some shopping today, the Attorney General’s Office has a terrific Guide to Retail Rights in Massachusetts that you should browse before you go. The guide includes information on gift cards, warranties, returns, consumer privacy. law   …Continue Reading Black Friday Shopping Tips: Gift Cards and More

Happy Thanksgiving Posted on Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving

From all of us in the Trial Court Law Libraries, Happy Thanksgiving! It is a privilege for us to serve you, and we are thankful for the opportunity. Best wishes for you and yours.

Shopping on Thanksgiving? Posted on Nov 25

Probably not in Massachusetts. According to the Attorney General, “Most retail stores may not open on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, and Massachusetts law specifies the limited categories of establishments that may open on those holidays. These include, for example, convenience stores, gas stations, and   …Continue Reading Shopping on Thanksgiving?

The Mayflower Compact Posted on Nov 24

The Mayflower Compact

Many of the passengers aboard the Mayflower were members of the Puritan sect who left England to avoid religious persecution.  These Separatists (later referred to as Pilgrims)  had obtained permission from the King of England to settle on land further south in America.   When they decided to remain where   …Continue Reading The Mayflower Compact

Turkey Hunting in Massachusetts Posted on Nov 23

The Thanksgiving holiday means roast turkey for many people, but for those who want wild turkey, it should already be in your freezer.  The autumn turkey hunting season for 2015 was October 19th to October 31st. The Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game has an excellent webpage   …Continue Reading Turkey Hunting in Massachusetts

Please Don’t Feed the Seals Posted on Nov 20

Please Don't Feed the Seals

  Even though Summer is just a memory, hardy beach goers may still have the opportunity to see ocean wildlife.  Just be certain to keep a safe distance from any animals you might encounter.   That cute little harbor seal on the beach is protected.    …Continue Reading Please Don’t Feed the Seals