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Happy New Year! posted on Dec 9

Effective January 1, 2015, Massachusetts will become the 41st state to allow direct wine shipments from large out-of-state wineries.  Massachusetts General Law 138, section 19F was amended by St.2014, c.165, s.162 (H294) to include language allowing shipment of 12 cases per year per purchaser containing not   …Continue Reading Happy New Year!

The Devil Made Me Do It posted on Mar 9

On March 1, 1692, three women, Sarah Osborne ,  Sarah Good  and Tituba , were charged with the illegal practice of witchcraft, setting in motion the infamous Salem Witch trials during which numerous other people were similarly charged.  The newly appointed Governor, William Phips, created the Court   …Continue Reading The Devil Made Me Do It

Where’s SOMWBA? posted on Feb 20

Are you looking for the State Office of Minority and Women’s Business Assistance (SOMWBA)?  In August of 1996, Governor Weld issued Executive Order No. 390, establishing an affirmative marketing program in public contracting to encourage the participation of minority business enterprises (MBE) and women business   …Continue Reading Where’s SOMWBA?