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From January 1, 2019 through January 30, 2019, Massachusetts Law Updates presented a daily series of blog posts showcasing the thirty Articles in the Declaration of Rights in the Massachusetts Constitution. Below, please find an index hyperlinked to those blog posts.


Article 1Natural Rights

Article 2 Religious Rights

Article 3 – Religious Responsibilities

Article 4 – Right of Self Governance

Article 5 – Consent of the Governed

Article 6 – Emoluments

Article 7 – For the Common Good

Article 8 – Right to Recall

Article 9 – Right to Vote and Be Elected

Article 10 – Due Process

Article 11 – Access to Justice

Article 12 – Due Process, Freedom Against Self-incrimination, Right to a Jury Trial

Article 13 – Verification of Facts in Criminal Proceedings

Article 14Search and Seizure

Article 15 – Right to a Jury Trial in Civil Suits

Article 16 – Freedom of the Press

Article 17 – Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Article 18 – Responsibility of Maintaining a Free Government

Article 19 – Right to Assemble and to Petition the Legislature

Article 20 – Legislative Functions Should Be Restricted to the Legislature

Article 21 – Freedom of Speech without Consequence in the Legislature

Article 22 – Legislative Body to Meet Frequently

Article 23 – No Taxation without Representation

Article 24 – Ex Post Facto laws

Article 25 – Treason and Limitations on Legislative Branch

Article 26 – Cruel or Unusual Punishment

Article 27 – Quartering of Soldiers

Article 28 – Limitations to Martial Law

Article 29 – On the Necessity of Impartial Administration of Justice

Article 30 – Rule of Law, Three Branches of Government


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