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The Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General brought suit in 2011 against four banks for allegedly violating the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (G.L. c. 93A, §§ 2 and 4) by foreclosing on homes before receiving an assignment of the mortgage. Pursuant to Chapter 194 of the Acts of 2012, Section 35B of Chapter 244 requires creditors holding “certain mortgage loans,” as defined in Chapter 194, to notify borrowers of their rights to pursue a modified mortgage loan.

To aid residents of these unlawful foreclosures, Attorney General Maura Healy has established a website aimed at those who wish to refinance or sell property.  AG Healey said “This website enables consumers to file online complaints and have their title issues reviewed by the banks in a single process.”

The webpage provides information to clearing a title as well as a page of frequently asked questions. If you suspect that you purchased a property that has a void foreclosure conducted by Bank of America, Chase, Citi or Wells Fargo after December 1, 2007, you may be eligible for non-monetary assistance and should submit a consumer complaint by email or by mail to the addresses provided by the AG’s Office website.

Due to the funding provided by the $2.7 million settlement with the banks, $700,000 of which has been allocated to the Attorney General’s Local Consumer Aid Fund to provide this consumer assistance. AG Healey said. “Through this settlement we are empowering residents who may have been unable to refinance their mortgage loans or sell their properties because of these unlawful foreclosures.”

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