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Cities and towns may give property tax exemptions to some individuals as defined by state law. An exemption discharges the taxpayer from the legal obligation to pay all or part of the tax assessed for the fiscal year. Blind persons, qualifying senior citizens, qualifying surviving spouses, minor children and elderly persons and qualifying veterans may apply. Exemptions are found in the various clauses of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 59, Section 5.

Guides to Real Estate Tax Exemptions and Applications for Personal Property Tax Exemptions are available from the Department of Revenue. The Applications are due at the Tax Assessors office of the municipality where the land is located on or before Dec. 15 or 3 months after actual (not preliminary) tax bills are mailed for fiscal year if later.

To contact your local assessors’ office, you can use the on-line directory prepared by the Department of Revenue’s Division of Local Services and the city and town clerks. It provides contact information for officials in Massachusetts’ 352 cities and towns.

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