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In addition to offering access to books and databases, the Trial Court Law Libraries also lend audio materials on a wide variety of legal topics.  Most of the audio materials are recordings of recent Mass. Continuing Legal Education programs.  Below is a sampling of recently acquired CD titles, many of which have corresponding written materials.  In order to locate audio materials in our online catalog, just make sure you insert sound recording in one of the boxes that searches the title field.

Pensions & QDROS
Litigating Cases Under Ch. 258, The Mass. Tort Claims Act
Handling Criminal Law Issues that Arise in Family Law Cases
MUPC & MUTC Update 2013
Modification & Contempt Proceedings in Divorce Cases
Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet
Representing Asylum Seekers
Banking 101
Will & Trust Drafting Master Class
The New MUTC & Real Estate
Public Records and Open Meeting Law
Pretrial Litigation: MCLE BasicsPlus!
Winning Probation Surrenders
Damages in Civil Litigation
How to Become a Judge or Clerk Magistrate
Investigating & Trying Domestic Abuse Cases
Alimony Summit 2013
Mock Trial of an MCAD Retaliation Case
Modern Families:  Effective Advocacy for Lesbian & Gay Clients
When Estate Planning & Divorce Collide
Judgment Collection Strategies
Advanced Deposition Techniques & Technology

…and many more.

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