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We’re thrilled to announce the nomination of four of our staff members as “unsung heroes” in the October 10, 2005 issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Richard Adamo of the Essex Law Library, Andrew Montalto and Linda Hom from the Middlesex Law Library and Diane Connell from the New Bedford Law Library were among thirteen nominees in the law librarian category. Here is why they are so deserving.

Richard Adamo has a passion for life and for his work. When asked once why he rarely takes a vacation, he said “I’m never leaving this library. They’ll have to bury me here!” He is an active member of the legal community in Salem, and greets most customers by name. He always goes the extra mile to find an answer, and does so with enormous grace and humor.

Diane Connell has worked for the law libraries for over 10 years, in both Taunton and New Bedford. Her unique gift is the ability to guide a customer through the legal research process in a human, gentle way. She always stays at a customer’s side until they have reached the end of their research trail, whether what they need is help finding a book, instruction in using the computer, or just a kind voice to help them through a difficult time.

Linda Hom has a perpetual smile on her face, and greets everyone with a sincere manner. She listens to people. And she hears stories, —lots and lots of stories. Cambridge brings in quite a variety of people with many disparate needs, and Linda does everything she can to help them. It could be a somewhat forgetful patron who returns to ask the same question week after week, or an agitated one who needs special attention. Yet in this atmosphere, attorneys know they can approach the desk and get the help they need. She has an incredible memory for people and names, and makes everyone feel remembered.

Andrew Montalto brings another sunny disposition, with more than a touch of creativity, humor, and a fearless approach to any question. His experience with computers and networking has greased the wheels of a sometimes-clunky combination of equipment to try to meet the growing needs of a sophisticated audience. He has a very curious mind, and has a knack for finding obscure information electronically. Richard, Diane, Linda and Andrew show us the very best in customer service, and we are proud to have them on our staff.

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