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Divorce and Financial Issues Posted on Jul 26

When married couples decide to divorce in Massachusetts, there are financial issues that have to be addressed.  These may include child support, alimony, and the division of marital assets, among others.  There is basic information about alimony and support on the Trial Court’s website under   …Continue Reading Divorce and Financial Issues

Pet Custody Posted on Feb 25

Pet Custody

When two people, either married or unmarried, break up, who gets to keep the pet(s)?  Can the court order joint custody of the dog or cat, as it would a child?  Can one party get visitation rights?  Is a pet treated in a legal sense   …Continue Reading Pet Custody

What is “Length of the Marriage”? Posted on Aug 6

In Valaskatgis v. Valaskatgis, decided yesterday, the court was called upon to determine whether assets acquired after the service of process in a divorce, but before the divorce was granted, were marital assets that should be divided in the divorce.  The court held that the   …Continue Reading What is “Length of the Marriage”?

Alternating Dependent Deductions Posted on Feb 19

Many divorce agreements order divorcing parents to annually alternate who can claim a child as a dependent for tax purposes.  According to IRS Publication 504 (Divorced or Separated Individuals) , the form to file is Form 8332: Release/Revocation of Release of Claim to Exemption for Child by   …Continue Reading Alternating Dependent Deductions