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Domestic Violence and SAFEPLAN Program Posted on Oct 22

The Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance (MOVA) provides funding for government and community programs to help victims of domestic violence.  One program called SAFEPLAN was recently recognized for 20 years of service to those individuals who have been affected by this type of violence. Certified SAFEPLAN   …Continue Reading Domestic Violence and SAFEPLAN Program

Domestic Violence Statutes Amended Posted on Sep 6

On August 8th, Governor Patrick signed Senate bill 2334 into law (Chapter 260 of the Acts of 2014)  amending the Massachusetts domestic violence statutes.   The law includes several new initiatives and changes: 1. Amending the criminal statutes to include the crimes of assault or assault and battery on a   …Continue Reading Domestic Violence Statutes Amended

Prompt Evidentiary Hearings Ordered for G.L.c. 209A Cases Posted on Jul 3

A plaintiff who requested an abuse prevention order was entitled to a prompt evidentiary hearing under G.L.c. 209A despite the fact that the defendant was facing possible consequences in his criminal proceedings if he were to testify in the Chapter 209A proceeding. “Barring an agreement   …Continue Reading Prompt Evidentiary Hearings Ordered for G.L.c. 209A Cases