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Municipal ADA Improvement Grant Program

Written By Karl Bryan and Jeffrey Dougan

The Municipal ADA Improvement Grant Program was first issued through Governor Charlie Baker’s Governor’s Capital Investment Plan, was approved by both houses of the Massachusetts Legislature, and signed by the Governor in late FY17. The Program is an innovative and competitive Grant Program that provides both Planning and Project Grants.

The purpose of Project Grants is to improve access to public programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities in the Commonwealth, while Planning Grants are for the creation or updating of Self Evaluation and Transition Plans which identify areas with barriers in municipalities. Last year, during the FY18 cycle, 27 Grants were awarded split between 13 planning Grants and 14 project Grants.

With the monetary assistance of last year’s cycle, several communities were able to install accessible features in their public spaces such as auto-door opening push plates, accessible restroom amenities, assisted hearing and listening devices, and ramps and curb cuts.

With the combined efforts of local communities in the Commonwealth and the Massachusetts Office on Disability, major accessibility improvements have been made across the state.

On August 1st 2019, the FY20 application and selection cycle of the Program opened, allowing Massachusetts municipalities to apply for future funding.

Applicants can apply for a Grant on the MOD website at the following link,

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Assistant Director, Community Services Program

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