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Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Process 101 posted on Feb 20

An important aspect of promoting independence for people with disabilities is physical access to public buildings. In Massachusetts, the Architectural Access Board (AAB) develops and enforces regulations designed to make public buildings accessible to, functional for, and safe for use by persons with disabilities. Section 521 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), enforced by the AAB, is the state building code that outlines the requirements for accessibility in buildings that are open to the public. 521 CMR also establishes a process for members of the public who wish to file a complaint about a noncompliant building.

New Disability Data Helps Inform

New Disability Data Helps Inform posted on Jul 31

As part of the acknowledgment of the importance of the 25th year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published findings on the Prevalence of Disability and Disability Type Among Adults in their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.