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68th ROC Fraccalossi

On Sunday, May 24, 2020, I, Student Officer Micaela Fraccalossi of the 68th R.O.C. Plymouth Police Academy participated in the virtual 5 mile race for Boston’s Run to Remember. Originally this race was supposed to be held in the Seaport area of Boston, but due to COVID-19 the race was moved to a virtual setting. Nonetheless, no matter where your race is done, it is evident that the core value of the Boston’s Run to Remember still rings true: we run for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives to protect their communities.

I have had the honor of being Officer Down for the 68th R.O.C. and through the experience of being in this position, myself and my fellow student officers have learned and internalized the true mission of being in law enforcement. We have seen that we must forge ahead in our training with our heads held high and, as the motto of the Plymouth Police Academy states, we remain dedicated, disciplined, and motivated in order to continue on for those who have fallen.

Each day I read the names of fallen heroes who gave their lives to protect and serve. I read about the impact they had on their communities, the loved ones they leave behind, and the grief that strickens their departments. Reading each of these fallen heroes’ names and stories I understood the importance of our roles as future law enforcement officers and how much of an impact on a community that each of us will have. One of these names I recognized immediately. As Officer Down I did not fathom that I would be reading the name of someone that I knew, especially during my time in the academy. Retired Massachusetts State Police Sergeant and former Lieutenant at Emmanuel College Police Department Scott Jennings was the name I read on April 8, 2020. He had positively impacted my life during his time at Emmanuel College and I had the pleasure of interacting with him frequently during my time there. My participation in the 5 mile race for the Boston’s Run to Remember is dedicated to Sergeant Jennings, someone who cared deeply about his community and who had positively impacted my perception of law enforcement, ultimately leading to where I am today.

I would like to end by saying how honored and proud I am to be a part of the 68th R.O.C. Plymouth Police Academy and be able to represent this exceptional class for the Boston’s Run to Remember. Being able to run to honor all fallen first responders is an incredible opportunity no matter what route it is accomplished on.

Blog written by: Officer Micaela Fraccalossi, Plymouth PD
Blog submitted by: Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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