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On Saturday May 20, 2018 the 65th ROC had the honor of running in the 11th Annual YPD Blue Run for a Reason 5k in Yarmouth, MA. This year, it’s safe to say that all participants ran for the same reason. Fallen K9 Sergeant Sean Gannon of the Yarmouth Police Department has become the center-point of motivation and aspiration for the 65th ROC since his tragic passing. When the class learned they had the chance to run in his honor with his home department, we jumped at the opportunity. Students began writing original running cadences honoring their fallen hero to be sung proudly the day of the race.

Come race day the class marched to the starting line sporting their custom class PT gear ready to sound off for Sgt. Gannon. Immediately all eyes (and cameras) were on the 65th ROC as we carried with us an aura of motivation and discipline. The race started and the class began their formation run with their enthusiastic shouts. We used our cadences to thank Sean Gannon for his service and his sacrifice. The most rewarding aspect of the day was the looks on the faces of all those who watched us pass by. You could clearly see how our presence brought so much joy and pride to their community as we received countless salutes and high fives.

We would like to personally thank Chief Frank Frederickson and the entire Yarmouth Police Department for the opportunity to contribute and be a part of such a memorable and special event.

Blog submitted by Student Officer Brian Carroll, Jr.-North Attleboro PD
Video submitted by Academy Director Eileen M.L.Goodick

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