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TFL Elizabeth LaRosee lightened BlogWhen Elizabeth LaRosee became the Director of the Turner Free Library in Randolph earlier this year, one of her primary objectives was to upgrade security throughout the library. Although the building underwent a major renovation in 2016 to expand the community’s access to technology and programming, she recognized a continuing need for security advancements to enhance the safety of staff and the community.

“The library is a community space for people of all ages. We want everyone to feel safe and secure while they’re here,” said Elizabeth. Still relatively new to the Library Director role, Elizabeth asked other town officials for purchasing advice before settling on a buying method. Upon the suggestion of other Randolph public purchasers, she sought advice from OSD’s Local Government Enablement Account Manager Patricia Burke regarding the many capabilities of COMMBUYS.

“Shortly after our first discussion, Elizabeth was ready to learn more about how COMMBUYS can be used on a municipal level,” said Patricia. Elizabeth mentioned that she was eager to work through the purchase process as soon as possible, so Patricia traveled to the library for a site visit and discussed Statewide Contracts that could be beneficial to the library’s security system.

After identifying two Statewide Contracts that suited the library’s security needs, ITC71 for a security camera system and ITC68 for computer security cabling, Patricia walked Elizabeth through the process of setting up a COMMBUYS account. With Patricia’s help, Elizabeth used COMMBUYS to identify potential vendors, solicit quotes, and ultimately award the purchase to two vendors.

“Patricia came by the library and showed me the whole COMMBUYS process; she really made it so easy. After her training I feel confident about purchasing on my own in the future,” said Elizabeth. Across the two purchases made in COMMBUYS, the library saved enough money that there was room in the budget to begin a network upgrade project which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. She also noted that the security advancements that she was able to purchase and implement through COMMBUYS will benefit the library in its mission to be a safe public space for the community to gather, work, and enjoy their time.

If you would like to learn more about implementing COMMBUYS in your city or town, please contact the Local Government Enablement Team at

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