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Recently, 21 procurement professionals were added to a growing list of Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program graduates. Designed as a collaborative experience, this five-day program offers agency participants a myriad of opportunities to engage in rich discussions around procurement best practices and enjoy a team-based approach to tackling the fundamentals of strategic sourcing.

This most recent class is reflective of past offerings, pulling participants from a variety of entities across the state, including the Department of Transportation, Trial Court, UMASS Medical, the Department of Corrections, Energy and Environmental Affairs, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the State House, each contributing a wide range of knowledge and experience.

While SSCP teaches methodology related to procurement, the program incorporates instructive hands-on exercises to challenge participants and provide opportunities for collaboration using real-world scenarios. “It was insightful to have a discussion with other long-term procurement professionals to see how an item can be looked at from alternative perspectives,” noted one participant.

Each day, class teams are exposed to new aspects of the strategic sourcing process: buyer profile, setting up a procurement team, creating commodity and service categories, conducting a total cost of ownership and evaluation criteria. A culminating experience is their evaluation of quotes against an RFR they help to create.

“It was thrilling to see experienced procurement professionals continue to have new ‘Aha’ moments,” noted Christine Tello-Lorenz, SSCP Trainer. “One department even sent their entire procurement team so everyone could get on the same page and apply the principles to their own department,” she added.

New opportunities to register for this instructive and rewarding course are now available. The course will be offered in Boston and Westfield beginning January 2015. Obtain additional information, including prerequisites*, dates and location details, on our website.

We hope to see you there!

* Completion of The Essentials of State Procurement, a one-day class currently available on January 12th, is a program prerequisite.

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