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Tim Kennedy - Day 3 - SSCP 2 - DecemberWhether you’re a procurement professional with decades of experience or you’re preparing your first bid, the Strategic Sourcing Certificate Program (SSCP) has something to offer you.

In this five-day course, agency professionals learn about Strategic Sourcing best practices and have deep discussions on conducting the most effective procurements. SSCP is a highly interactive course where participants form small groups to engage in hands-on exercises, simulating the major processes involved in Strategic Sourcing.

With this emphasis on interagency collaboration, the course embraces a diverse set of student experiences. Experienced professionals bring years of practical knowledge to the discussion and new buyers provide a fresh perspective and enthusiastic curiosity. Each participant learns something new by sharing advice and asking questions, while highlighting common themes across agencies. Beyond the range of experience and subject matter expertise, procurement roles also differ across the class. Participants often are from various functional groups, and include everyone from those who manage vendor relationships to those who provide legal advice.

The next session of SSCP will begin in May, and enrollment is now open!* To register, click here to complete the SSCP application. We hope to see you there!

*Completion of the Essentials of State Procurement, a one-day class, is a program prerequisite. This course is offered on February 22, March 7, March 28, April 6, and April 12.

“With advance handouts of presentations, real world case studies, team exercises and in-depth discussions, the course carefully and comprehensively allowed us to navigate the Seven Step Process of Strategic Sourcing. I highly recommend this course to get the best value for the people of Massachusetts.” – Stan Slepoy, MassDOT, SSCP Graduate, December 2015

Congrats to the Recent SSCP Graduates!

Krystle Joseph, CHIA
Catherine West, CHIA
Webb Sandquist, CME
Andy Van Holt-Mejia, DCF
Jason Silva, DCR
Charles Smith, DDS
Jerome Collins, DMH
Deborah Combra, DMH
Marjorie Weinberger, DOT
Kathy Stinson, EOE
Douglas Thompson, MassHealth
Michelle McDowell, MBTA
Rosa Rodriguez, MRC
Matt Chester, OSD
James Guerrier, OSD
Kim McPhail, OSD
Jameel Moore, TRE

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