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For the past year, the Local Government Enablement (LGE) Team has adapted to conducting all their municipal outreach remotely. In this time, the team has had the opportunity to provide specialized support to cities, towns, and other municipal organizations in a virtual format.

In a phone call with Michael Piccardi, the Purchasing Agent of Revere, LGE Account Manager Jennifer Forsey mentioned recent collaborations between the LGE team and local municipalities to deliver customized COMMBUYS training in a virtual format. Michael was interested; although Revere regularly purchases using Statewide Contracts, purchasers within the city’s departments sometimes struggle with COMMBUYS and often come to Michael for help. “I would personally train fellow employees in using the website,” said Michael.

Michael Piccardi, City of Revere

Michael Piccardi, City of Revere

The pair decided that Revere purchasers would benefit from customized training to improve confidence using COMMBUYS independently. Jennifer enlisted the help of Renee O’Rourke from OSD’s Buyer Training Team to set up two virtual training classes for purchasers within Revere, starting from the basics. The trainers walked dozens of purchasers through setting up COMMBUYS profiles, COMMBUYS navigation, and the basics of COMMBUYS procurement. The online format meant that the sessions could be recorded and distributed to the group, and anyone who missed out or wanted to re-watch had the city’s custom resource at their fingertips.

“Michael has been a great advocate for COMMBUYS within his community,” said Jennifer. “Custom training worked for Revere because we were able to look at their specific need and offer training in a tailored package.” Jennifer also has followed up with many of the attendees, offering assistance and gathering feedback.

Michael shared that the virtual format was beneficial because, even when training sessions were safe to hold in person, it was difficult to coordinate the busy schedules of many city departments. “The virtual training got the information to all employees from the safety of their own offices,” said Michael.

Revere purchasers continue to build confidence in using COMMBUYS, and several purchasers already have signed up for more OSD Training classes.

“In the procurement field, there is often hesitation with the procurement laws,” said Michael.  “Training employees to be comfortable with a service such as COMMBUYS helps with compliance and makes for an overall easier process. The more information and training that you have for your employees, the better for you.”

Please visit the Local Government Resources page or contact the LGE team at  for more information.

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