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The Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program, administered by the Operational Services Division, recently issued its Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2020 which reviews the Commonwealth’s progress related to the implementation of Executive Order 515: Establishing an Environmental Purchasing Policy.

The report summarizes important achievements over FY2020 and documents progress with EO 515 goals. It provides estimates on purchases of environmentally preferable products and services from OSD’s Statewide Contracts (SWCs) and estimates cost savings and environmental benefits associated with their use. EPPs are found in more than 55 SWCs and the FY2020 report helps confirm the business case for supporting sustainable product choices.

Additionally, the report includes the Toxics Reduction Task Force annual reporting summary. This task force was established in 2009 to help facilitate implementation of EO 515, and primarily assists in identifying ways to reduce toxic substances in products or services on SWCs, initiatives that are particularly important in the COVID-19 environment.

“The measures described in this report demonstrate the immense value of the EPP Program and helps confirm the business case for supporting sustainable procurement choices. As we move to decarbonize, we will be looking for more sustainable products and services to add to the Commonwealth’s portfolio,” said Julia Wolfe, OSD’s Director of Environmental Purchasing.

Overall, the EPP Program estimates the following key accomplishments for FY20:

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